Our Approach

We identify and support changemakers transforming their communities and improving health outcomes for children and families. Our approach is rooted in rigorous research in order to ensure that we understand the challenges facing underserved families, as well as to how best we can leverage our resources for maximum impact. We pursue concrete—yet ambitious—objectives and build partnerships that can achieve positive, measurable outcomes. Our work is research-driven, our approach collaborative, and our goals aligned with the communities we intend to serve. We will not settle for anything less than transformative outcomes for the families who need them the most. 

Collaborating for Children

The Burke Foundation is an active player within a broad ecosystem of advocacy, research, and funding efforts to improve the lives of New Jersey children. We are committed to collaborating with key stakeholders in the field, sharing promising new approaches, and disseminating best practices in order to amplify our overall impact. At the Burke Foundation, we constantly share and learn in order to better the field and build strong partnerships on behalf of young children and their families.