Charles Laurence Carroll




Charles (Charlie) Carroll joined the Burke Foundation Board of Trustees in 2011, was elected Treasurer in 2016, and oversees the Foundation’s investment management portfolio.

Charles joined Lazard Freres Asset Management as a Senior Vice President in 1993, and was made a Managing Director in 2000. He was a founder of the Financial Institutions Group and the Capital Advisory Group, which market Lazard Asset Management investments solutions to financial institutions worldwide.

Charlie retired in October 2017, as Head of Global Marketing and Deputy Chairman of Lazard Asset Management LLC (LAM) and was a member of LAM’s Management, Marketing Oversight, and Investment Oversight Committees. In addition, he served as President, CEO, and Director of the Lazard Funds, Inc. from 2004-2017.

Charlie attended the University of Utah. He served as a Trustee of the Williston Northampton School (WNS) from 1999 to 2010, and is a current member of the WNS Endowment Committee. He has served as a senior advisor to Tompkins Conservation and Conservacion Patagonica since 1995.